Exclusive art from a one of a kind artist. Duck Boyz brings the digital world and the real world together through unique online and in-person experiences! Join our discord community now to see what the Duck Boyz are all about.


DUCK BOYZ is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation is created from over 140 traits and over 800 million total possible variations. Each Duck Boy is comprised of a unique body, headwear, outfit, beak, eyes, skin color, hair color and background color.

The Mint will take place in early December, 2021; the exact date will be announced in our Discord server. You can mint your own, 100% unique, DuckBoyz at a cost of 0.06 ETH.


Aside from the cool art done by our exclusive artist, Duck Boyz NFTs are going to have utility both in the digital world and in real life. Our early adopters will get a special role on our discord server, which in turn will grant them special offers and perks (to be announced on our discord). We believe that community is a crucial element to continuously grow and enhance the project, thus, we value our supporters and want to make sure their voices are heard.

roadmap 1.0

public sale

There will be 10,000 unique DuckBoyz available for purchase. The Public sale will take place in early December, we will also have a whitelist for pre-sales. More information regarding the whitelist and public sale will be posted on the Discord server and on Twitter!


Duck Boyz will participate in their first heist, in which 50% will be succesfull and get airdropped a “bag of money” and 50% will fail and will get airdropped an “Acid bottle” which both can be applied to any of your Duck Boyz and in turn you get a Filthy Rich or a Cracked Out duck.



A collection of 5,000 Filthy Rich Duckz and 5,000 Cracked Out Duckz will be dropped for public sale, OG Duck Boyz holders will have a chance to grab them earlier at a discounted price.


Pair up a Filthy Rich and a Cracked Out duck to be able to participate in Heist 2.0. As a reward, you will be able to claim your mansion which is going to MAKE YOU MONEY...


100% of paired Duck Boyz can claim their mansion. Only 10% of all the mansions will have a VAULT in their basement which is going to hold 2% of royalty fees of the first and second collections’ secondary sales.



As a DuckBoyz holder you will be entitled to exclusive benefits plus access to IRL events.

(Note that by holding the OG DuckBoyz NFT you will also benefit from all of our future NFT projects)

- Exclusive meet ups in LV and LA

  • Exclusive Mansion parties in the Hills
  • Dinners at LA’s high-end restaurants
  • Exclusive parties in Hollywood’s most popular clubs. (Yes you can have a +1)

- Access to Duck Boyz lounge in Metaverse and co-own a nightclub/casino in Metaverse (voting will take place)

- Exclusive airdrops for Duck Boyz holders

  • Bag of money & Acid bottle (to be announced)

- Claim your mansion which is going to MAKE YOU MONEY...

- Option to get your 3D duck!

- Early access to future collaborations with well-known artists in the game

- Access to elite club membership on Discord

Future of
this project

Duck Girlz? Breeding? $token? YES!

Roadmap 2.0 will include all these. Duck Boyz are more than just an NFT project; we value our community, especially our early adopters and we’re planning to create a whole ecosystem for our Ducks! Our community will have a voice and can vote on which features and goals to accomplish.



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Blockchain Dev


Marketing Director


Frontend Dev

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